Top mistakes that sellers make!

1. Listing at the wrong time. 

2. Not using a good photographer. 
Pictures are often the first impression you make to buyers and buyer agents viewing your place. Too many agents save money by using a discount photographer or even worst taking pictures themselves. We have a very talented photographer that will make your place look great!

3. Using an agent that’s not experienced. 

4. Using a friend or family member that’s not qualified. 
Yes we get it. It’s nice to help out a friend, but their lack of experience, knowledge and skills can end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars or more and possibly even getting you into legal trouble! About 10% of agents do 90% of the business!

5. Listing with the agent that suggests the highest listing price.
One of the oldest tricks in the book! Some agents will suggest a much higher price than market value to get you to sign with them. Only to convince you later on to reduce the price. We are very upfront with our strategy and price expectations. We rather under-promise and over-deliver.

6. Not strategizing the time and listing strategy. 
Offers anytime? Offer date? Longer irrevocable? Every situation is different and requires a different approach.

7. Using a discount agent. 
One of the biggest mistake some sellers make is focusing on the lowest cost to sell instead of getting the best results and netting the most money. Too many people try and save a little on commission and suffer greatly on the selling price and service. The old saying of you get what you pay for definitely applies here. For the record our fees are average. Not too high, not too low.
8. Pricing it wrong.
Too high or too low can cost you money. Getting it right to draw the most buyers and get you the most money is an art.

9. Selling with a tenant.
This depends on the place, the tenant and the condition the tenant keeps the place, however generally it is advisable to get your tenant to leave first before listing.

10. Not staging (depends on the place).
The right stager can help maximize the space and gets buyers excited! A well staged home also highlights the most effective use of the space and can make it look bigger! Many buyers have a hard time visualizing a space or looking past the clutter. Pro tip: We have an amazing stager!

11. Not painting (depends on the place)
If your walls have seen better days then investing in a paint job before listing can help you net more money.

12. Not hiring us to sell your place!

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