FAQ For Sellers

1. How long will it take to sell my place? 
This is highly dependent on the place, time of year and the condition your place is in. Often times we can sell your place in as little as a few days, but generally for best results you will want to give yourself at least 4-5 weeks from start to finish.
2. How much is commission to sell? 
The fee varies depending on what the property needs and what we need to do to get good results. Our fees are very reasonable for what you get.
3. Do you have any reviews? 
Yes! 26 perfect 5 star google reviews and counting.
4. How long have you been doing this for? 
I have been selling real estate full-time since late 2012.
5. What makes you different from the other 50,000+ agents? 
Passionate professional: I do this because I like it, which translates into better results for you. Real estate was my first career choice, not 2nd, 3rd or even 4th. 

Knowledge and experience: Almost 10 years of experience including working for one of the top new home sales and marketing companies in the city. 

Results: See our google reviews to see what clients are saying and view our success stories page to see some of the amazing results that we've obtained for our clients!
6. Can I trust you? 
I am in this for the long term. I always do what’s in the best interests of clients. I know that if I do good work for you I will win your future business and referrals which is much more valuable to me than one deal. Besides I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I didn’t do what was right.
7. Can I sell my place by myself? 
Unless you are highly experienced and know exactly what you are doing I don’t recommend this. There is too much on the line if you get it wrong. This is likely the largest financial transaction that you will ever do. There is a reason why approx. 95% of people use an agent to help them sell their place. The people that I have seen sell their place on their own have netted much less than agent assisted sales and had to do all the work themselves! Not to mention the stress. 

Thinking of selling?

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